You’ll submit documents to verify your employment, income, property information, assets, liabilities, and more. We’ll give you an official Loan estimate to review, then you communicate your intent to proceed.


Once you have completed your loan application, we will begin the loan process. An underwriter will research your credit history, employment history, assets and the property value of the home you are financing. You can expedite this process by promptly responding to us, avoid major purchases and avoid moving money around.


Your loan will be disclosed to you at he beginning, once a property is chosen and Escrow is opened. Once again at least 3 days before you close on your home, you will receive Closing Disclosures. This is a 3 to 5-page document that will help you understand all the costs of your loan. Once you receive this, it is critical that you confirm receipt immediately, to start your 3 day wait period for closing.


On closing day, be prepared to:

  • Don’t forget to bring your Identification Card … The Escrow / Notary will need to verify you are the correct person signing documents.
  • Be prepared to wire funds to Escrow, and or present a cashiers check for all funds needed to close.
  • Sign all loan documents.